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Cosmetics with ozone - instant care


Facial skin is exposed to many factors that adversely affect its condition. Since atmospheric conditions (sun, wind and polluted air), and the passing of time can be felt at the least expected moment, proper and regular skin care is necessary.


With O3 ZONE cosmetics, you can be sure that your skin will be properly taken care of. Our products provide its proper hydration and protection against external factors. Our cosmetics guarantee a lot of benefits - they calm, nourish, smooth, strengthen and regenerate the skin, which makes it naturally beautiful and healthy.


Our range of face cosmetics includes:white/blue calming and regenerating cream, fine-grained smoothing face scrub, O3ZONE white set, O3ZONE blue set and O3ZONE full set. A lot to choose from!

We will process your order instantly and guarantee the shortest delivery time.


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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items